Welcome to the online booking system for specialist outpatient clinics and COVID-19 test

To book for a COVID-19 test, "24-hour Outpatient & Emergency" must be selected in the "Choose a Specialty" column. The COVID-19 test will NOT be provided in other Specialist Outpatient Clinics.

Please click here to view Steps for Online Booking for a COVID-19 test.

For booking an appointment for Gleneagles Virtual Consultation, please select "Video Consultation" under the "Booking Type" selection box, and then select the relevant clinic under "Specialty". To book a General Practice session, please select "Virtual Family Medicine Clinic".

If you would like to make an appointment with a clinic which is not yet included in this online service, please call our appointment hotline on 2122 1333.

Thank you for your service booking. :
For COVID-19 Test booking, you will recieve a confirmation via email (if provided) and SMS for the booking.
For our specialist outpatient services, please note that this is a PRELIMINARY booking only. Our staff will confirm your consultation details by phone call/email/SMS shortly.
For any enquiry, please contact our service hotline at 2122 1333.