Welcome to the online booking system for specialist outpatient services and COVID-19 test


If you would like to make an appointment with a clinic which is not yet included in this booking system, please call our appointment hotline on 2122 1333.

For appointment booking for Gleneagles Virtual Consultation, please select "Video Consultation" under the "Booking Type" selection box, and then select the relevant clinic under "Specialty". To book a General Practice session, please select "Virtual Family Medicine Clinic".

To book for a COVID-19 test, please choose "24-hour Outpatient & Emergency" in the "Choose a Specialty" column. To view Steps for Online Booking for a COVID-19 test, please click here.


Notes on booking confirmation:

For specialist outpatient services, please note that this is a PRELIMINARY booking only. Our staff will confirm your details by phone call/email/SMS shortly.

For COVID-19 Test, you will receive a confirmation via email (if provided) and SMS.

For any enquiry, please contact our service hotline on 2122 1333.